Is today the day you begin developing a plan to assure your independance while you avoid common everyday mistakes?

Is today the day you start organizing your affairs?

Is today the day you consolidate your home, personal and financial affairs?

Is today the day you, your family and advisors begin to understand your affairs?

We are a multi-disciplinary team designed to act as a personal advocate for our customers so they can maintain their quality of life and personal autonomy.

Many of our customers are retired.  Both they, and their families benefit from having their own personal, local, trusted advocate.

We collaborate with our customers, their advisors and their family to help our customers organize and consolidate their affairs.  That way, in the event our customers become sick or are in an accident, their family and their advisors have access to their assets, bills, legal documents, or health records.  We will then provide care, coordination and assistance in their financial and personal affairs.

By weaving together their affairs, they can live their lives knowing there will be less of a chance of a misstep or an emergency in their future.  By taking care of the little things, we bring our customers peace of mind in their personal and financial affairs so they can enjoy life.  We act as an independent, unbiased, and trusted personal affairs advisor.

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